The Virginia Microscope Training Center



SURGICAL MICROSCOPE TRAINING is done in a true operatory setting. I feel that this is the best way for my students to be able to take the information learned during our training course and put it to use on Monday at the office. The course is a two day intensive hands-on experience.


DAY ONE brings the students through familiarization with the microscope and its parts and then parfocalizing the microscope (adjusting the occulars so that the right and left eyes are focused on one object relative to each other).

Whether you are a restorative dentist, endodontist or periodontist, the ability to operate a handpiece in the form of crown preparation will give you excellent eye-hand coordination that can be applied to any discipline of dentistry. Therefore all students go through a sequence of anterior veneer preparation, then anterior crown preparation.
The morning of the first day the students proceed on the either a maxillary left posterior tooth for the right handed or a maxillary right posterior tooth for the left handed. In the afternoon of the first day the students switch to the contralateral maxillary posterior tooth.

DAY TWO starts with a review of posterior maxillary preparations and then to mandibular molar crown preparations both direct and indirect (left molar for the right handed student or right molar for the left handed student). After a lunch break, the opposite side mandibular molar is prepared. Finally, gingival grafting procedures are reviewed for any students wishing this discipline.


Students should bring a clean laboratory coat to the course. All other materials are provided to the student. If the student wishes, a pair of loupes may be of value,even to compare to the visual improvement with the surgical microscope.